About Us

HoMade Studio is a one-woman show I began in the winter of 2017. As a stay-at-home-mom of two lovely children (Gavin & Sophia), I decided I wanted to keep my creative juices flowing while raising them, so I launched my first shop on Etsy, specializing in graphic tees and other accessories.  It has since expanded to include tote bags, mugs, office gear, handmade jewelry, and more.  Growing up on Etsy was a tremendous learning experience and allowed me the confidence I needed to take my brand to a wider audience. 


I really enjoy designing many of the pieces you see in my shop, as well as supporting other designers. Many of my pieces are inspired by life as a mom of two toddlers. It's crazy. It's hectic. And sometimes I just need to wear my thoughts on my sleeve (so to speak).  I know I'm not alone.