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Why Shop HoMade Studio?

Donna Cooper Ho

HoMade Studio is a one-woman show, so when you buy an item (or two) from HoMade Studio you are truly getting a homemade item. Almost all of my products (with the exception of a few very colorful designs) are made in my home by my hands; they’re not sent with the click of a button to a print-on-demand site where a computer prints the design on your shirt. I spend countless hours designing, cutting, pressing and packaging your items.
When you shop HoMade you are helping a stay-at-home mom make a financial contribution to our household. Your support helps pay for ballet lessons, swim lessons, t-ball games, birthday parties, fun learning experiences and SO SO SO much more. It helps pay for those days when the kids are sick and can’t go to school. Or when the school needs volunteers. Your support goes a long way.
...And for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
We put the Ho in HoMade.
Donna Ho

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