The One Where They Were Quarantined

The One Where They Were Quarantined

It’s safe to say that the Class of 2020 has faced a senior year like none other in history. Volusia County school closures created unprecedented challenges for faculty, students and families. From Atlantic to Spruce Creek High School in Port Orange across to the west side schools of DeLand to Pine Ridge in Deltona, students missed so many milestone events. Sporting events, Grad Night at Disney World, prom and walking across the stage at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach to receive their diploma have all been cancelled. It’s been heartbreaking to watch these young adults face repeated disappointing let-downs. But, as grown-ups and role models in our community, we know that through encouragement, we will all overcome this and send these soon to be men and women out into the world with more wisdom and experience than they would have had if this dangerous and deadly coronavirus had not impacted our world.


Through social media platforms like Facebook, we’ve seen students and teachers across the country write stories of transformation. Not all have gone viral but all should be seen and read. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and even TikTok have given everyone effected (which is everyone on the planet!) a voice. We’ve watched the physical school year come to a halt and virtual learning take over. Our children, once full of life and testing the freedoms that come like a rite of passage, are metaphorically chained to their home, trying to maintain a social life while social distancing.  

 Eighteen & Quarantined; 17 & Quarantined; Sweet Sixteen and Quarantined

Many of our children are turning 18. They can't even have much of a celebration because they are Eighteen & Quarantined


We need to show the graduating Class of 2020 that we see and appreciate their resilience by honoring them in any way we can. HoMade Studio can design custom made T-shirts, tote bags, pillows and coffee mugs with your favorite graduate’s name and high school! Did you come up with a funny class motto? Did you see a catchphrase like “Class of 2020. The One Where They Were Quarantined” or “Worst Class Prank Ever”? Not only can HoMade Studio replicate it, we can personalize your merchandise as well! If you’re in the Daytona Beach area, from Ormond to Oak Hill you can also take advantage of our free shipping!


We want to recognize the more than 3 million high school seniors in America who are expected to graduate without the traditional ceremonial pomp and circumstance. Together, we can celebrate how special the Class of 2020 is and acknowledge their ability to adapt to an ever-changing world. We want to give America’s high school seniors the chance to #GraduateTogether.


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