Summer 2020 is Here!

Summer 2020 is Here!

Summer 2020 is completely upon us. Unfortunately, so is this Coronavirus pandemic; still. Let’s hope everyone had purchased travel insurance for those already planned and paid for summer vacations, because I sure didn’t. I could tell you to buy more homemade face masks from HoMade Studio. But, I’m pretty sure you’ve acquired quite a collection by now. The Dallas Cowboy facemasks have been sold to the tune of close to 600 units! That’s not even including the Disney face masks (check out the reopening information for Disney World HERE) or our original unisex face masks in adult and child sizes.

 face masks

Amongst all this Coronavirus talk for the fifth month in a row is a yearning to find a little bit of normalcy. But where can you spend your summer while still social distancing? In my hometown area of Daytona Beach, FL people have flocked to the beach. As long as it’s not full, it’s easy to stay six feet away from everyone. The kids can exert all that pent-up energy splashing in the surf and running in the sand. The adults lay on the shore, under an umbrella. The best cure for being self-quarantined for months is a little Vitamin Sea!

Somewhere on a beach tank top

With living in a beach town also comes one of America’s favorite past times – boating! Social distancing in the Atlantic Ocean so far out you can’t see land? Yes, please! Bring the family, some Publix subs and fishing gear. Don’t forget your favorite flavors of White Claws so you and your crew can throw on this Ship Faced shirt and have a great time!  Better yet, jump in the water and live out your Mermaid fantasies!

         ship faced crew   Mer Mom mermaid t-shirt

Be courteous when you hit dry land though. If you’re not, someone may be tempted to buy you this shirt!

 I'm sorry for what I said when I was docking the boat t-shirt

If you love the great outdoors, but you live in a landlocked state or maybe water just isn’t your thing, camping is always a great idea! Lucky for you we wrote a whole blog about the best places in the United States to camp, including stargazing in the Grand Canyon!

           Sunrise Sunburn Sunset repeat Luke Bryan t-shirt or tank top                      camping mugs insulated camping cup stainless coffee mug

 Finally, there’s plenty of interesting and fun things to do if you prefer artificial light and cold air conditioning. One of the best is volunteering your time to your local animal shelter. C’mon, who wouldn’t want to play with dogs and cats all day?! Maybe you’ll even fall in love and give a puppy the perfect furever home! Lucky for humans, we can’t catch Covid from our four-legged friends.

               Dog hair don't care t-shirt

Virtual travel is trending, big time! There are lots of trips you can take from your living room! All you need to get started is the internet. Hey! They don’t call it the World Wide Web for nothing! These links are packed with at-home summer vacations that are perfect if it’s just we too peopley outside!

Virtual Field Trips

Virtually ride your favorite Disney rides

Take a virtual tour of Paris

Travel Inspired Books and Movies

Recipes from around the World – that you can make at home!

Virtual Wine Tastings you can Do at Home

The 16 Best Comedy Movies to Inspire Travel

At Home STEM resources from the New York Hall of Science


Whatever you decide to do this summer, there is one thing that is a must! WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!

        wash your damn hands custom t-shirt  wash your dang hands custom t-shirt

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