Reopening the World after a Pandemic

Reopening the World after a Pandemic

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is set to begin reopening on July 11, 2020. They will begin with the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Epcot and Hollywood Studios will quickly follow by reopening on July 15, 2020. As expected, the Disney Experience will be a little different than what visitors have been used to for decades. 

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In fact, Disney Springs has already reopened. If you’re wondering what to expect from the bigger parks, just take a look at the rules and regulations they’ve put into place at Disney Springs.

For starters, they are complying with Orange County’s 10pm curfew. This means the Springs is only open until 7pm. That gives Cast Members time to clean, close and get home by the 10pm curfew. Parking is limited. In fact, they are only allowing parking for less than half as many vehicles as they have spaces for. By reducing parking, they’ve also reduced the number of entrances down to four. At those entrances, everyone’s body temperature is taken. Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be turned away with their party. Since the most common symptom of Coronavirus is a fever, this will greatly reduce the danger of spreading the virus. Those employed by Disney will be required to take and send their temperature and complete a health screening before coming in to work at any of the Disney properties.

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 All Walt Disney World parks are also strongly suggesting none of their guests use cash. As you probably know, those paper bills are one of the dirtiest things you can touch. If you don’t have a debit or credit card or you come to the park with a wad of cash, you will be able to trade your cash for Disney gift cards at the Welcome Center and select stores. Every register also now accepts mobile wallets like ApplePay and GooglePay. Have you ever used ApplePay? I personally LOVE being able to whip out my phone, which is always easier to get to than my credit cards or cash, give it a little wave in front of the credit machine and voila! All done! I know what you’re thinking, your kids love paying for things, right? So do mine. It gives them a sense of responsibility as well as a great teaching tool. Plus, you definitely don’t want to give them the PIN to your debit. Did you know there are debit cards for kids? What an even better learning experience than cash these are! After all, paying with cash is becoming much rarer these days. Plus, with virtually no need for checks, even teaching kids how to balance a check book is a thing of the past. For meals, Disney now has a mobile ordering service through the Disney app. You can pick the participating eating establishment, choose a time, order food, pay and even leave a tip. 

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Perhaps the biggest change and the one people will need extra time to get used to is the required use of face masks. Disney has not said they will provide face masks. All guests coming in who are over the age of two will have to bring their own. That’s where HoMade Studio comes in! We are making Disney specific face masks in seven different designs! Three feature Minnie & Mickey Mouse. One features The Little Mermaid. But, of course, my personal favorites are the three Star Wars themed face mask prints! They are available in youth small and large as well as adult sizes small through extra large! They are definitely Disney approved as well as CDC approved, just like all the other masks we’ve been making.

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While hotels and resorts off Disney property are open and filling 50% of their rooms, Disney has not yet announced when their resorts will allow for guests or reservations (Disney World’s DVC Resorts and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground are opening on June 22nd with limited availability. The Vero Beach and Hilton Head Resorts are due to open on June 15th with limited availability. Park access is not guaranteed even after they have opened).  One thing they have announced is when they do decide to reopen their hotels and resorts, those with existing tickets and passes will take precedence and be the only ones allowed to book. Reservations will be a must and this goes for the theme parks as well. No new tickets will be issued for the present time. We at HoMade Studio strongly suggest you contact a travel agent, especially one that specializes in Disney World Vacations like Heather McIntyre with Ears of Experience or Tamara with Ohana Adventures Travel. They possess a wealth of knowledge and can not only book your vacation according to your specifications, but can advise the best plan to keep you and your fellow guests healthy and able to enjoy everything Disney World has to offer without costing you a dime for their services and actually saving you money in the long run! We'll drink to that!   drink drank drunk Disney tshirt         





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Even if you have to wait until the fall before Walt Disney World is fully 100% open. Trust me, it’ll be worth it. We even have fall and Halloween shirts so you are completely prepared!

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