Necessary Information for Wearing a HoMade Studio Face Mask

Necessary Information for Wearing a HoMade Studio Face Mask

As the Daytona Beach area and surrounding cities start to slowly return to life as we know it, many things may be different. Our current Governor, Ron DeSantis, as well as the CDC strongly recommend wearing a facemask while in a confined public area. Places that will gather more than 10 people at a time, most if not all of them strangers, may even start to require face masks before you can enter. Local shops in Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach already have implemented such policies. Going to Publix or Target without a facemask puts you in the minority these days. If you don’t have any yet, HoMade Studio has handmade facemasks! I started making them as a donation to our healthcare professionals and those on the frontline. They are the “essential employees” who are most likely to come in contact with those carrying the Covid-19 virus. You can read all about that campaign here. I’m still collecting donations and delivering masks to hospitals, urgent care centers and any offices that need them!

Originally, I posted the face mask donation to Facebook. Almost immediately, people were requesting facemasks for personal use and it made sense! If we all wear our own masks then not only would we significantly lessen and slow the impact of the coronavirus, but also many other illnesses contracted through droplet transmission and even airborne germs too! I added an option for customers to purchase their own face masks on My face masks can be made with a feminine flare – floral, pastels or butterfly prints. There’s also an option for a more unisex look that uses plaids and solids. Of course, moms always have to think about their young ones. So, I now offer smaller masks for children too. All of the available facemask options can be found here.

After others in the Daytona Beach area started making and distributing face masks, I noticed they all looked different. Some were almost as perfectly round as a circle. Some were rectangular. Some had elastic that went around the ears. Some tied and a New Smyrna Beach family began 3D printing plastic hooks to join elastic to bring relief to sore ears. It dawned on me; I’d hate for someone to wear a HoMade Studio mask incorrectly and defeat the purpose of what we as a community are steadfastly accomplishing. So, I made a YouTube video showing the proper way to slip into a HoMade Studio face mask. Our masks can fit directly over an N95 mask. N95 masks are not required to be worn with ours. However, if you are an essential worker (nurse, doctor, patient care, etc.) our masks fit nicely over the N95 masks and add an extra layer of protection!

 How to Wear Your Fitted Face Mask by HoMade Studio:


While delivering these masks to people in the Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach areas, I did run into someone who needed a fast fix on theirs. The elastic ripped! Rather than purchase a new face mask, I fixed hers and showed her how to, should she need to again in the future.

My masks are sold to help people, not to make money. The cost of the personal use facemask covers materials, labor and time. However, anyone who knows me knows I am not in business to make a fast buck. I’d rather have a client who wears my products for years than a dissatisfied customer who has to throw my products away. After fixing her facemask on the fly, I went home and made another YouTube video. This one will show you how to restring a HoMade Studio face mask should you ever need to. No sewing required!

How to Restring Your HoMade Studio Face Mask:


Thank you for supporting my small business. Thank you for purchasing and wearing a HoMade Studio face mask! Most of all, thank you for doing your part to keep your community safe!

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