International Women's Day!

International Women's Day!


What does International Women’s Day mean to you? To HoMade Studio, located in a quaint little town outside of Daytona Beach, Florida called Port Orange, it means celebrating women. Moms, Grandmas, best friends, and daughters all hold a special place near and dear to our hearts. It means giving a little extra nod to that teacher or childhood mentor who made a significant impact in shaping your life.


The earliest Women’s Day in the United States was held in 1909 in New York City. Although countries around the world have commemorated the UN sponsored day into a national holiday for decades, it wasn’t until the internet and social media gave it widespread attention in recent years that it has gotten the love from the United States that it deserves.

Locally, in Daytona Beach and surrounding cities, Florida celebrates International Women’s Day with a number of different and unique events. A lady can feel like a queen if she were to follow the advice of Facebook’s suggested things to do. Starting with brunch in New Smyrna Beach, followed by Yoga in the Park in Port Orange. Venturing to larger cities like Orlando or Jacksonville, you’ll find even more! Dance performances, concerts and even competitions all take place for this day only!

At HoMade Studio, we always have an endless supply of #momlife and #girlpower merchandise. But, check out our design specially made to celebrate women; like this kid's t-shirt emblazoned with:











Don’t forget, we can custom make any design or saying of empowerment you want! Find your favorite and email it to us.

Take a few minutes on International Women’s Day to recognize how far the female gender has come. We spent hundreds of years without a voice. We still have a ways to go for complete worldwide equality, but we’ll get there and we’ll do it with the support and love of other women!

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