If You Could Print Anything on Custom T-shirts, What Would it Be?

If You Could Print Anything on Custom T-shirts, What Would it Be?

 Home state custom t-shirt

Over the years, HoMade Studio has had the privilege of designing, creating and printing specialty, one-of-a-kind shirts, mugs, cups, bags and pillows! Anything to commemorate all occasions from wedding gifts to a funny bumper sticker a group of friends saw on a road trip, can be made into a keepsake by our wonderful t-shirt designer in Port Orange, Florida.


Our most popular request for custom t-shirts are made by brides and grooms for their bridal party. For one wedding, bridemaids were given t-shirts with “The One Where Kelli Gets Married” stylized and made to look exactly like the logo of NBC TV show, Friends.

T-shirts for the Happy Couple emblazoned with their “ship” or portmanteaus name like Kimye (Kimberly Kardashian ad Kanye West) are fun and the combinations are adorable!

                                                                  She's a Catch He's a Keeper Harry Potter

Trying to build your fur baby’s Instagram page? We can make a custom t-shirt with Fido’s @ along with his profile picture. Everyone who sees it will jump on their app and give him a follow! Do it for any branded content or influencer account. Custom t-shirts are a great way to brand yourself. We can even make merchandise with your company logo! These make great gifts for employees, clients and even giveaways! Get a shirt made highlighting the best part of your occupation. Wear it around your co-workers. We bet they’ll want one too!

 Doula t-shirt         


Justice for Justis Garrett custom t-shirt

HoMade Studio also makes shirts for a cause. In 2018, a young girl, Justis Garrett went missing in Mount Dora, a town about an hour away from Daytona Beach, FL. Our owner, Donna, had the heartbreaking job of making memorial shirts for Justis’s family. They loved them and still wear them today, two years later, to show that Justis will never be forgotten and will continue to wear them throughout the trial of her accused killer. The shirts made in remembrance of a loved one who’s passed are the most difficult to create. Not because they usually prominently display a photograph or likeness of the honored, but because these shirts will be kept forever. They will get more attention from friends and family than any other article of clothing in the closest. Therefore, we must take extra special care to ensure these commissioned pieces are perfect and it’s extremely comforting to us when we get emotion-filled feedback and accolades.

 Life death memorial t-shirt

We love to help our customers express their emotions and individualism through art and clothing. So, we are encouraging all of our followers to tell us or show us what your unique custom designed t-shirt would look like. Are you a City Girl and have favorite skyscrapers you’d display? An outline of the New York City skyline with I <3 NYC would perfect! Maybe you prefer a hike in the woods instead of wandering through a concrete jungle. Let’s outline the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and include a motivational saying like, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Which is a famous quote from Lao Tzu.


Our custom made designs aren’t just for t-shirts! We can print them on any product we carry! A housewarming gift with the homeowners new zip code is a great way to personalize their new digs. Our, choose a pattern that will be sure to put a smile on a child’s face, like our taco pillow. Who doesn’t love tacos!?

                            zip code pillow       taco pillow 

                                         family photo coffee mug         

Having a family reunion or need a special gift for Father’s Day? The photos on these coffee mugs come out beautifully clear and can be customized with any words; family, familia, #1 Dad, The Smiths -- the options are limitless and the more personalized, the more the recipient will love it. We can even use licensed logos and fonts for Disney. You can’t go to Disney World in Orlando without matching t-shirts or tote bags commemorating the reason you’re there.  Cruise tank-tops for your family’s Spring Break 5 day getaway on the high seas would be fantastic, right?

      Beach & Sunshine tank top

Whatever exciting events you have going on, HoMade Studios will help you make them memorable, for years to come, with our high quality materials and satisfaction guarantee.


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