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Help is on the Way!


The world is feeling the brunt of a global pandemic in March 2020 and the Daytona Beach area is no exception. Not too long ago, Port Orange families like my own, spent their weekends enjoying The World’s Most Famous Beach, going to Disney World, shopping at Tanger Outlets and disputing which local restaurant they wanted to patronize for dinner. They’d wake up Saturday morning and visit Perrine’s farmers market at the Pavilion in Port Orange for fresh, organic produce.  More than one hundred people, from babies to the elderly, would congregate at church every Sunday morning, never hesitating to shake hands and share broken bread.

Our community has changed in light of recent events. This could be for the worse, but I’m an optimist and I’d like to think there’s a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. But, in order to get through the darkness, we as a community need to come together and help those that need the biggest push.

That’s why I’ve decided to put my efforts into sewing HoMade face masks for healthcare professionals, childcare workers, elderly, those with a compromised immune system and even kids. I know they’re not perfect and in normal times when we’re not fighting to survive, they’d be prohibitive. However, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has temporarily approved homemade face masks such as bandanas and scarves for use by HCPs and patients in hospitals and because I can sew and I have a Cricut with the ability to cut patterns, I want to do what I can to keep my community safe and healthy.

If you’d like to give to this cause, I’m accepting donations here. All you’d need to donate is $5; no shipping, no tax. That covers the cost of materials for a mask. If you’re personally searching for masks for a particular group of people, including your own family or jobsite, a donation of $8 will cover a mask along with tracking and shipping. Don’t forget to specify which size you need!

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 To all the nurses at Halifax Hospital in Daytona Beach, AdventHealth in Daytona Beach, New Smyrna Beach and Orange City and every other area hospital: Help is on the way!!

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Could u email me so I can pickup
3 masks I live in New Smyrna

Judy Reuter

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