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A Brief History of Kid’s Fashion

It's the little things in life Mommy & me matching shirts 


When did the trend for custom and personalized baby clothes begin? Remember our mothers and grandmothers showing us family photos of babies and toddlers dressed to the nines in a handmade outfit? Nana would proudly boast about how she had stayed up until 2am for three months to get that dress just right. She’d sew until her thumbs were numb but it was worth the sleepless nights because the frilly lace that was a special order from the fabric shop in the next town over was perfectly aligned. She’d sewn it for her oldest daughter but it was worn by two other daughters after that and there’s photos of all three girls in the dress throughout the decades to prove it. Your mom talked about how it was her chore to iron those pleats to perfection every morning. The dress was one-of-a-kind and well-loved; much like a great many of clothing items in those old pictures. Even if Grandma didn’t do the sewing, rest assured custom made articles were commissioned or purchased. The rich would only outfit their kids in Dior, Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana and Gucci. The most popular designers all have clothing lines for babies. In the second half of the 1900s, Hollywood celebrities picked a favorite fashion designer for themselves as well as their children. Even Jackie O. would dress the First Children in threads from the most exclusive houses. 

 I got it from my momma onesie        

Just a couple decades ago, moms shopped the racks of Carters, BabyGap and Babies R Us. Of course, the clothes were adorable and the quality was great. We all know Carters clothing lasts forever! But the odds of seeing the same outfit on another kid at the Mommy & Me play date was pretty high. For the most part, it didn’t matter. Baby clothing was just a simple necessity. Walmart and Target came along and value and convenience reigned. How many outfits could we purchase for $20? After all, babies are just going to spill and spit up on them anyway. No need to shop at that fancy boutique on Main St. USA owned by a mother/daughter duo. Paying $100 for a onesie that if not ruined, would become too small in a matter of months seemed like a luxury reserved for Gwyneth Paltrow or Angelina Jolie. Celebrities had the resources to request custom made anything from designers.

Then the Cricut machine came along and moms – like me – everywhere learned how to make customization; affordable! We started making cute dinosaur tees for our sons. Then unicorn emblazoned onesies for our daughters. Moms on the go needed tank-tops to match their yoga pants, even if their only workout included pouring wine. Wine not? Our friends would comment how adorably we always dressed our littles. They asked where we got those matching Mommy & Me t-shirts. “I made it!” we’d proudly comment back. Next thing we knew, our friends were sliding into our Instagram DMs asking if we could make one for them. “I’ll pay you! Just let me know how much!” Of course, any business-savvy mom looking to stay home to care for our kiddos while continuing to contribute to the household income saw the potential of taking this “Sure, just let me know what colors and size. Probably be around $20,” response to the next level. With a little research and a lot of binge-watching Shark Tank, the Momtrepreneur was born and we moved in to an Etsy shop.

             Hugasaurus Rex dinosaur t-shirt     Mom daughter squad #squadgoals mommy & me matching t-shirts

Soon, even the moms who are not Pinterest-savvy were ordering custom made clothing for their kids from newborn to new adult! Because HoMade Studio is in my home without paying for sellers, merchandisers or a storefront, custom orders are easy to accommodate without additional fees. Anything on our website can be modified to fit each family or individual. Grandma, Nana, Glamma, MaMaw, Mammy, Granny Sue are all different names with the same meaning! But, how many times have you seen all of these options printed on different shirts at Macy’s? You can flawlessly get one of each through this very website!

Glamma Glamorous grandma custom made womens w-shirt

Even Dads are having a lot of fun picking out unique and exclusive clothing; especially the pieces that have a little splash of humor in them. Does Pop have a unique nickname for his firstborn? Any inside #Dadjokes that only the kids would understand? We print ‘em!

Best farter ever #dadjoke t-shirt            Sorry for what I said when I was docking the boatDid you know that today, baby clothing is one of the fastest growing and most important clothing specialties? Designers and brands are now producing an extensive and varied range of products for newborns, babies and toddlers. Moms are investing time scrolling through the internet looking for unique designs they’ve never seen before on any of their friends’ children.

                     The legend The legacy matching father son shirt set

The majority of 2020 has been spent in social isolation for much of the world. One can only assume that a “baby boom” is on the horizon. How many of you are expecting? If you’re not, how many of your Facebook friends are announcing pregnancies or posting their socially distanced gender reveals?

    Big brother t-shirt for birth announcement   Lil Sister pregnancy announcement

In Florida, bars and restaurants closed in March, right around St. Patrick’s Day. When you do the math and count backwards, you’ll realize there were a lot of couples working on their relationships as they were working from home.

She's a catch he's a keeper matching his/hers t-shirts        

Some say this generation of children, the ones that are school-aged right now, will be our most progressive yet. They will remember what it’s like to be sent home from school and cancel their summer because of a pandemic. The babies being born in the next few months will pay attention to these young people most. They will look up to them and look to follow in their footsteps. Who knows what the future holds. One thing is sure though, they’ll be full of innovation and the drive to make our world a better, safer place. 

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